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Collaboration Skills Course

Date: 10:00am 14/05/2022

14/05/2022    10am-6pm

21/05/2022    10am-6pm

28/05/2022    10am-6pm


This is a crash course in group skills, suited to people working on building community. Few of us were taught what is involved in working together in groups, about collaboration and about creating and sustaining community. This course is a prerequisite for becoming a member, but it is also open to anyone. The course comprises six 3 hour modules as follows:


1. Personal development - What is it and why do we need it. Social brain anatomy, addressing development trauma, emotions, core beliefs & protection systems, and about the corridor of well-being.


2. The art of dialogue   - How to have connecting conversations. What is in the way,    great conversations, what is dialogue, and the power of dialog to change the world.


3. Conflict resolution   - How to use conflict to improve relationships.   The nature of conflict, Non Violent Communication, our need for safety and belonging, tools for managing our state.


4. Decision making   - How to make decisions that everyone can enjoy. What do we need before we can decide, decision making methods, including consensus, coloured cards, sociocracy, and innovations like the advice process.


5. Facilitation - How to plan and conduct a productive meeting.   Why facilitate, understanding the meeting process, participation formats, strategies & skills.


6. Connection - How to achieve deeper connections and bonding in relationships. Why connect, what's in the way, how to really connect, and bonding (connection that lasts).


The course costs $175, (refundable in the event of cancellation or with 7 days notice). The venue is Maunu area of Whangarei.

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