The Big House Project

Walking the Path of Collaboration

We are a grass roots collective, based in NZ, that believes in the power of collaboration to change the world. We see this project as a kind of experiential, immersive social laboratory. Our hypothesis is that learning to work together has huge untapped potential to achieve personal, social and planetary regeneration and transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prototype, practice and share state of the art ways of working and living together. We explore what it takes to relate in a conscious, whole-hearted, socially engaged way. We draw on both science and the healing arts to offer a package of modern social technology to help your collaborative initiatives succeed. Along the way we discover contentment, safety, and well-being.

The Art of Collaboration

We are the creator of the Collaboration Skills Course, a popular 3 day workshop that is offered nationwide. It is a powerful distillation of decades of experience, as well as our ongoing research and practice.

A Support Network

It is our view that changing the world involves changing ourselves. As we connect, we heal, and we adopt a paradigm shift away from rugged individualism. Our path forward as a species lies together. So, we feel called to create places where people interested in this work can come together, both physically and online. Its a platform for a radically new kind of dialogue.

A Creative Solution to the Housing Crisis

The Big House is a metaphor for our beautiful big blue planet. It is the home that humanity must learn to share. But a part of our mission is also to explore the potential of housing cooperatives. While they are common overseas, they are rare to non-existent here in NZ. Our retrofit model has huge potential for the rapid development of affordable, innovative learning communities.

But, first we have to learn to work together. Won't you come join us?

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Whangarei, NZ
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