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The Big House Project


A Remarkable Social Experiment

The Big House Project is a cooperative housing initiative in NZ, with a special goal to discover what it takes to live and work together in a whole-hearted, socially engaged way. At The Big House we are big on science, and we believe that we now have modern social technology to make this level of deep collaboration successful in terms of realizing well-being, contentment, and safety.


A Viable Solution for Pressing Planetary Challenges

It is our view that if we want to change the world, we must also change ourselves. Engaged connection and collaboration is the key that unlocks a major paradigm shift away from rugged individualism, towards one people, one planet. Our path forward as a species, lies together.


A Creative Solution to the Housing Crisis

While "one roof" housing cooperatives are common overseas, they are rare in NZ. However the Big House retrofit model has huge potential for the rapid development of affordable, innovative learning communities. It's something we can do right now.


Our Invitation to You

Will you come join us at the big house, to build courageous and supportive personal and inter-personal human connections? In doing so we become inner and outer gardeners, weeding out the development trauma and planting the seeds of emotional development and conscious collaboration. If this is for you, then we invite you to download our Vision Booklet and get in touch. We look forward to a future together.

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Whangarei, NZ
E- info@thebighouseprojectblablabla.nz
T- 021 0243 9081

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