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The Collaboration Skills Workshop is an 20 hour interactive crash course in group skills, suited to people working on building community. Few of us were taught what is involved in working together in groups, about collaboration and about creating and sustaining community. It's a distillation of things we learnt while working on the Big House Project, Peter's 10 year experience helping create Earthsong, and Sibylle's extensive knowledge of the social nervous system. You can see bios for the presenters here. The workshop contains a large number of exercises to cement our learning, as well as catering for different learning styles.


The course comprises a set six three and a half hour modules:

1. Personal development

We need to address the barriers to collaboration and social engagement. And it turns out community is the most effective platform to do it. Social brain anatomy, emotions, triggers, core beliefs & protection systems, and a powerful new model to understand our corridor of well-being.

2. The art of dialogue

How to have connecting conversations. How does real dialogue work. Great conversations have the power to change the world.

3. Conflict resolution

How to use conflict to improve relationships. The nature of conflict, Non Violent Communication, our need for safety and belonging, tools for managing our personal and group state.

4. Decision making

How to make decisions that everyone can enjoy. What do we need before we can decide, decision making methods, including consensus, coloured cards, sociocracy, and innovations like the advice process.

5. Facilitation

How to plan and conduct a productive meeting. Why facilitate, what a facilitator is and isn't. Understanding the meeting process, participation formats, strategies & skills.

6. Connection

How to achieve deeper more satisfying connections in relationships. Why connect, what's in the way, how to build trust and really connect. Offsetting the challenges of group work, getting to the joy and celebration.


"Words really fail me to express just how powerful and transformational the course was. I think I speak for many of us when I say that we hadn't really expected it to be so personally and profoundly moving. Although there was a lot of informative content, it blended flawlessly with the experiential and dynamic aspects to take it to another level. It was also exciting and precious to have the particular participants that the universe chose to experience the community we created out of this."


"What a wonderful workshop! If you truly want to be part of the solution to some of the massive challenges facing us all, Peter and Sibylle really can help! A fascinating overview of current theory and more importantly very practical, hands on tools to aid personal transformation and community formation. I loved it!"


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